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In order to provide a home from home environment and routine I incorporate all the things your child would ordinarily encounter such as free play, walks, toddler groups, visits to the local area and trips.

Alongside this I aim to provide a range of learning opportunities and experiences that support each child’s development in all areas of learning in a fun play-based approach using both the indoor and outdoor environment.

At Busy Kids I have a large indoor playroom and garden that is organised to allow children to explore and learn securely and safely indoors and outdoors. There are areas where the children can be active, be quiet and rest.

The playroom is equipped with a range of fun, stimulating toys, games, role play,

resources and activities that the children are able to self-select from.


I have a garden with a range of outdoor toys and learning areas.

This gives the children opportunities for doing things in different ways and on different scales than when indoors. We go outside in all weathers and I encourage the children to play, explore and get muddy!

The downstairs bathroom is child friendly with a low sink, steps for the toilet, children’s toilet seat, potty and changing table.

Younger children have their own downstairs quiet room for naps.

Each child has their own dedicated cot which becomes their own space so that they can have a quiet, peaceful sleep at Busy Kids.

Parking is available on the driveway and layby outside the house for you to use when dropping off and collecting your child.

Snacks and Meals

I provide all snacks and healthy home cooked meals for children that are fully weaned. Example of meals provided:


Weetabix & fruit

Porridge & fruit

Wholemeal toast with marmite or peanut butter

Scrambled egg, baked beans & tomato

Bagel & marmite/ peanut butter

Shredded wheat & fruit

yoghurt & fruit

Poached egg, wholemeal toast & tomatoes


Sandwiches/wrap/baguette (fillings always include salad vegetables & a protein element such a tuna, cheese, chicken)

Vegetable omelette

Pitta, vegetables and dip e.g. hummus

Jacket potato, sweetcorn & tuna

Toasted sandwich

Homemade soup


Spaghetti Bolognese

Lasagne & side salad

Homemade Meatballs in tomato sauce with pasta & fresh vegetables

Chickpea burgers, sweet potato wedges & coleslaw

Veggie black bean burgers, bun, corn on the cob

Salmon, tomato & spinach pasta

Chicken & spinach pasta bake

Tuna, tomato & vegetable pasta bake

Fish fingers, sweet potato wedges, peas

Chicken pesto pasta & salad

Homemade veggie pizza, garlic bread & side salad

Chilli con carne, brown rice & corn on the cob

Vegetable chilli & tortilla

Chicken curry, brown rice

Veggie curry & naan

Lentil & veggie pilaff

Chicken pilaff, side salad

Haddock pilaff, fresh vegetables

Roast chicken, potatoes & vegetables

Fish cakes & vegetables/ side salad

Fish pie, broccoli, carrots

Chicken hot pot pie & veggies

Cottage pie & vegetables

Vegetarian sausages, chips, peas & beans

Lentil nuggets & chips






Rice cake




Carrot & hummus


Dried fruit, seeds & cheese cubes

Fresh fruit

Rice pudding


Fromage frais


Occasional crumbles and cakes


A Home From Home